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Getting Started

Step 1: Connect with the Global Education Office


Get in Touch

Visit us on the first floor of the
Rebecca Stafford Student Center.

Pick-up brochures, make an appointment, or just say hi!

We're open 8:45am-5pm Monday-Friday Call us at (732) 923-4768 or email us at


Global Education Office Employees

Find Us on the Web

Friend, Follow, Like, and Share us on Social Media!

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To share our office with your friends and family, visit our Monmouth University site: Global Learning and Study Abroad Page.

Attend An Event
Plan on attending at least one Study Abroad 101 session a semester.

These meetings will: pique your interest, answer your questions, and start you on your study abroad journey.

Also look out for our other fun, informative events.

All events are posted on Our Calendar.



Step 2: Do Your Research

So, you’re interested. But, where to begin?

You should start by thinking about your personal, academic and career goals.

Then, use the checklist below to pick when and where you’d like to go:


1. Check out our Academics tab to learn how to set yourself up for success. STUDY is the first word in study abroad for a reason. Your academic goals will largely determine when, where and how long you study abroad.

2. Explore your options! Use the Global Programs tab to learn about all
that Monmouth offers you.

3. Start thinking about money. Our Finances tab explains general costs, financial aid information, and how you can apply for scholarships!



Step 3: Apply

To Apply, search for your program in the Program Directory.

Once you’re in the Program Brochure, click “Apply Now” on the right of the page.

Priority Deadline:
2020 Summer & Fall:  February 21, 2020

The Study Abroad Semester application is a four-step process while the Seminar or Faculty-Led Process is just the application form.  The following information is for the Semester (fall, spring & summer) programs:

1. Application Form asks for general information about you, your interest, etc.

2. Course Worksheet Form used by yourself, the study abroad advisor, and your academic advisor to choose which courses you’ll be taking abroad.

3. 500 word Essay answers three questions in a total of 500 words.

4. Monmouth Employee Reference is a confidential survey filled out by a Monmouth employee of your choosing.