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GEM Program

GEM Program World Map
Become a Global Education Mentor 

When you return from studying abroad, you will have the opportunity to become a GEM. Being a GEM means devoting your time to educate and encourage students to study abroad through advising, presentations, projects, and events on campus.

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GEM Mission
  • To use your experience to inspire and recruit others to study abroad
  • To provide resources for interested students
  • To offer guidance towards a successful study abroad experience
  • To work with other GEMS to promote academics, building a community,and gaining a competitive advantage for future careers

As a GEM, you will be given one or more mentees each semester. The mentees will be people who have already been accepted into an upcoming program. You will help them prepare for going abroad by sharing your experiences, tips, and answering any of their questions.


Throughout the semester there will be many events hosted by the Global Education Office. GEMs will be asked to assist with these events mainly be conveying their study abroad experience on panels and in presentations.

Study abroad event table