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The GEO Academic and Cultural Advantage
Dynamic and interactive classes bring your subject matter to life! Earn degree credit classes for an grade calculated into your GPA like criminal justice in England, or walk in the footsteps of the greatest Italian Renaissance artists in Florence during your Art History class in Italy. Gaining a global perspective will set your expertise apart no matter your major and will help inform you future throughout life after Monmouth University.

Courses taken in one of our Monmouth Global Programs have been reviewed and approved by various academic Department Chairs to fit into your degree audit as if you were taking them at Monmouth University. General Education courses can be take abroad as well as major, minor, certificate requirements. Course titles and grades will be listed on your transcript just like classes taken on Monmouth's campus. Classes cannot be taken as Pass/Fail while abroad. Grades will calculate into your GPA.

Academic Advising Process and Tips
The earlier you plan for study abroad the better! Save your General education requirements! they are essential when it comes to studying abroad and the easiest to fill. General education course types include:
  • Cultural Diversity/ Global Understanding (CD/GU)
  • Aesthetics (AT)
  • Historical Survey (HS.SV)
  • Social Science Survey (SS.SV)
  • Natural Science (NS)
  • Major Electives (BI.EL, HE.EL, etc.)

Choose your program and review the "Course Info" tab. The links to course offerings are provided within your chosen program's brochure. Review and follow the directions presented in the Global Program Course Worksheet. This is a working document and is meant to help you choose the best study abroad courses that fit within you Academic Audit, and keep you on track for graduation. In order to make the most out of your initial Global Education Office appointment, please review your course audit and your available general education requirements with your academic advisor(s).