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Frequently Asked Financial Aid Questions
Can I use my financial aid for study abroad?          Yes, most of the financial aid that you would normally receive to cover your tuition, room and board is applicable to Monmouth Global's academic year programs. If you are eligible, you may receive federal and state grants and loans, alternative loans and your Monmouth Academic award for the semester you are abroad. Students on EOF, Athletic scholarships, or part of tuition remission must contact Rob Hennessey,, due to their award and the limitations it may have.
How do I apply for
financial aid?
To receive financial aid you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you have not yet filed the FAFSA for the academic year and wish to receive financial aid you can apply online at
Can I use my tuition remission funding for study abroad? No, you may not receive tuition remission for study abroad. If you were offered a Monmouth Academic award through the admission process, you may receive this award for the semester you are abroad. 
Can I use my financial aid for summer programs? Yes. The majority of students must apply for loans if they are not paying for the program out of pocket. The loans that are available include the Federal Direct Loans, Federal Direct PLUS Loan and a variety of alternative loans. Each student’s situation is unique, so you should contact the Financial Aid Office to determine your eligibility. Athletic Grants for those that are eligible may be used for the summer programs; check with your coach and Rob Hennessey,, from the Financial Aid Office to determine eligibility.
Will my financial aid cover the full cost of my summer program? Depending on your eligibility for the various loan programs that are available, it is possible to borrow enough money to cover the cost of the program.
If I apply for additional loans to cover my fall/spring semester expenses, when will I receive this money? As long as all of your required financial aid paperwork has been completed, you should be able to receive your refund just prior to your departure, except for students who use the payment plan (TMS) to pay their tuition.

Refunds will be disbursed as a paper check mailed to your home address or for quicker access you may set up the direct deposit option by logging into your MyMU Portal and clicking on the link to TouchNet’s New Student Account Center. Those students who use the tuition payment plan (TMS) and take out a loan to cover personal expenses will not receive a refund until the tuition and fees for the semester are paid in full.

All students must contact Sheila McCormick in the Office of the Bursar at 732-263-5504 to make arrangements for obtaining your refund. If you do not contact Sheila at least one month prior to your departure there is no guarantee that your refund will be available prior to departure. 
Will my financial aid cover all of my tuition, room and board? Once you have been offered a financial aid package you should speak with Nancy Hanson in the Financial Aid Office to plan your loan funding to suit your needs. There are various loan programs available such as the Federal Parent PLUS Loan or an Alternative Loan.
Can I get financial aid to cover my spending while abroad? Yes. You can cover these costs by borrowing additional loan funds beyond the program cost.
Can I use financial aid to cover the deposit fee and the airfare? Since the deposit and airfare are due prior to the start of the program and since your financial aid will not be available until the summer, you cannot rely on your financial aid to cover these costs.
When is my fall/spring tuition bill due? You will be billed as you have been billed in the past for a semester at Monmouth.  If you plan to use financial aid to fully cover your charges for the semester, you must have all required financial aid paperwork, including verification documents if you have been selected, submitted prior to the semester bill deadline date.

If your financial aid awards do not fully cover your charges, you are responsible for paying any remaining balance by the semester bill deadline date. For additional billing information contact the Office of the Bursar at 732-571-3454.
When is my summer tuition bill due?

Please check the Bursar’s website at for the deadline.

If you plan to use your financial aid awards to fully cover your study abroad charges during the summer term, you must have all required financial aid paperwork submitted prior to this date, including applying for any PLUS or alternative loans that were suggested to you. If your financial aid awards do not fully cover your charges, you are responsible to pay the remaining balance.